How annoying is it to walk into a bar and see an average looking guy pick up one girl after the other, while you just can’t seem to be able to get lucky?  We all know the type, they ooze confidence but don’t seem arrogant.  They are well-built but don’t look like Brad Pitt.  They seem average, and that is what’s so weird about it, because most of us would consider ourselves to be average, or slightly better.  So where do we go wrong?  It seems that these average guys who score at the drop of the hat are using male pheromones.  These scents cannot be picked up consciously, but they do help women, on a subconscious level, to become attracted to us.  This may seem like a bit of a sneaky trick, but if it works, maybe we shouldn’t complain!

One of the products out there that claims to be the best pheromone on the market is Pherazone.  I decided to give these guys a try and sprayed some on when I next went down to a bar with some friends.  I must say, the results are impressive!

pherazone bottle

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that all animals (including humans) secrete in order to change the behavior of another animal within that same species.  They are known as behavior-altering agents.  We secrete many pheromones, but the only ones that have been seriously researched are those that trigger sexual behavior.  Pheromones are different because they are actually ecto-hormones.  This means that their function is outside of their host’s body.  They are used to ensure another party responds in certain way, in this specific case being in sexual attraction.  It is no surprise, therefore, that pheromone sprays like Pherazone are becoming incredibly popular.  After all, if it is a case of spraying something on and women will be throwing themselves at you; it is at least worth a try.

What Is Pherazone?

Pherazone is one of the best known pheromone colognes on the market.  It is certainly not one of the cheapest, but it is believed that this is because they are so good.  They have an incredibly high concentration of human pheromones within them, something that you will not find in any of the cheaper human pheromone colognes.  In fact, most market variety colognes contain just 5mg of pheromones, whereas Pherazone contains 18mg.  Besides this, Pherazone has made sure that their cologne actually smells good, something that other manufacturers also seem to have forgotten.  The smell is so nice that there are now a number of people who but it specifically for that and enjoy the increased sexual prowess as an added benefit.

By using Pherazone, you should be able to become far more successful with women.  As such, it is designed for those who lack that little bit of confidence they obviously quite desperately need.  By improving confidence, you also improve your personality as a whole.  However, Pherazone is not just for those with low confidence.  Basically, it is for any man that wants to become a little bit more successful with the ladies.

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What Is Included in Pherazone?

Interestingly, Pherazone does not tell its users what the ingredients of their product are, besides the fact that it contains 18mg of human pheromones.  However, human pheromones can generally be qualified in the following categories, and I suspect that those used in Pherazone will come under these categories:

  • Dominance and masculinity from androstenone
  • Sexual responsiveness from androstedienone
  • Comfort and attraction from alpha-androstenol and from beta-androstenol
  • Vigor and youthfulness from Epiandrosterone

Basically, whatever the exact ingredients are, what matters is that they work on the sexual attraction that exists naturally between men and women.  Men, when secreting the right pheromones, appear desirable, rich and healthy, even if they aren’t.  The mind of the woman is quite literally tricked.

pherazone ratings

What I Liked

  • The product contains far greater levels of human pheromone than any other.
  • Pherazone has been scientifically tested to be effective.
  • There has been a strong focus on producing something that actually smells good as well.
  • It is easy to apply and easy to take with you, so if you ever find yourself confronted with the woman of your dreams, you can quickly spray some on and make a move, or touch up your smell as the night wears on.
  • Works on confidence and personality as well, which will both automatically be boosted through the huge social and romantic success you will suddenly have.

What I Didn’t Like

  • It is most definitely not the cheapest product available on the market today.  I will grant you that considering it contains more than three times more human pheromones than any other product on the market today, it actually should cost more, but I was still quite shocked at the price.
  • Although the website clams that it has been tried by thousands of people before, I am yet to find a true positive review.  On the other hand, I have not found a report that claims Pherazone to be a scam either.
  • The ingredients are not made clear.  This is a problem to me, because I want to know what I am putting in my body.  However, most human pheromone sprays use similar ingredients, and I can only presume Pherazone is the same.

The Verdict

We men have a hard time at life.  We need to score women, not just for our own self-belief, but also because that is expected of us.  And, somewhere deep down inside, we also want to meet that mate for life and we worry that she has gotten away because we simply weren’t attractive enough.  With Pherazone, however, you no longer have to worry about these things.  Simply spray a bit on and watch women take notice of you.  Go practice on your opening line so you actually have something to say as well and, before you know it, you will have a gorgeous girlfriend on your arm.  I fully recommend Pherazone to all men out there.

Environmentalists are interested in finding more ways to achieve electronics recycling all over the world to avoid filling landfills. In addition, many electronic devices are full of volatile substances that cause various types of pollution. Each day people throw tons of electrical devices into trash cans before the items eventually end up in local landfills where dangerous materials leach into the soil and water systems.

electronics recycling

Dangerous Pollutants

While many substances that people throw away such as battery acid from batteries quickly leak into the water and soil, other materials take longer to break down. Burning electronics is also dangerous for the environment as chemicals enter the air. In many cases, it can take several years for scientists to understand the ramifications that thrown away electronics can have on the world’s environment.

Protecting the Environment

To protect the earth’s environment from pollutants, environmental groups such as Cen Cal Ewaste are finding new ways to make sure more people use recycling centers. Educating the public about caring for the environment by taking the extra time to recycle properly is essential for preventing pollution.

Environmental Education

Environmentalists often visit schools, parks and other locations to teach the public the importance of recycling their electronics instead of simply tossing the items in dumpsters. Educating both adults and children about the important impact of electronic recycling is necessary. At the same time, it is important for communities to have locations where the public can bring electronics for recycling.

Mandatory Recycling Fees

Several geographic regions have made recycling of electronics mandatory by adding on fees at the point-of-sale of merchandise such as televisions, computers and cell phones. The only way for individuals to get the fees returned is to bring electronic devices to an appropriate recycling center for reimbursement. A financial incentive to recycle does have an important impact on decreasing the number of electronics that end up in landfills.

Private Recycling Centers

People who do not live in locations with mandated fees can still find private recycling centers by looking online or in telephone directories. Many of the private centers pay a price per pound or device that encourages the public to recycle. There are also entrepreneurs who have created businesses specializing in collecting, transporting and recycling electronics to earn an income.

Trade In Allowances

Several retailers also encourage recycling of electronics by offering trade in allowances on new merchandise. Contaminants such as beryllium, cadmium and lead in electronic devices are dangerous for the environment and human life. While researchers are constantly trying to find new ways to recycle materials in electronic waste, many materials are still not safe for reuse.

Governments Working Together

In addition to larger devices such as appliances, there are peripheral materials including computer software and VCR tapes that are hazardous for the environment. Environmentalists have determined that approximately 70 percent of dangerous heavy metals in garbage dumps derive from thrown away electronic devices. Many geographic regions including the United States, China and Europe are working together to recycle electronic waste safely.

The name may sound like a medical condition, but actually, cellulite is not something to fret about. It’s just the term used to refer on fats underneath the skin – and these are normal fats we’re talking about. The only difference is that these fats look lumpier because it pushes against the connective tissue. This causes your skin to pucker. Thighs and buttocks are the two most targeted areas of cellulites, or at least the usual areas where it appear.

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Adulthood may not a big issue for some people, but for those who are concerned on their physical appearance; this stage is something they should prepare for. Aside from physical appearance, the strength and mental state of a person is also affected; pretty much every aspect of one’s life. If you’re one of these concerned individuals then you’re on the right article. Learn how this aging solution called human growth hormone supplements can help you and determine the aging points that this supplement concentrate on.

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